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It is all about hues and shades.




Pigments is a game with a fresh audiovisual experience, with a clean and modern aesthetic, which attracts not only for its simple and challenging gameplay, but also for its refined graphic and sound content.


With a novel navigational interface based solely on gestures, Pigments is presented over a single environment where the player moves by pulling and pushing the canvas to perform several menu actions:


Start a new game by swiping into the play area.


Swipe with two fingers to play against a guest.


Hold your finger on the screen or double tap for an overview of the canvas.


On Pigments, you mix drops of primary colors, trying to create a long streak of a secondary color, earning points by removing the mixed color. You start the game with 60 seconds left, but depending on the amount of drops you remove, you may also earn more time.


You can use your accumulated points to activate power ups that will help you score even higher:


Add 15 seconds to a game.


Turn 10 random drops of the more abundant color into the more scarce to help balance the game.


Pick and choose any 15 drops to turn straight into the secondary color!


Other Pigments features:


In multiplayer mode, both players get the same color pattern throughout the game, so your points will depend only on your skills.


3 color sets to play with.


Enter your name and the one of a guest. This way, when people ask to play on your device, you can change the game to guest mode and his name will appear on the score.


Pigments is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese!


Press Kit (zip)

Trailer (zip)

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